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How to Identify Spoofing/Phishing Emails
Check the email address, not display name A common technique used in phishing or to spoof real email is display name imitation. A malicious sender will create or modify their account so the display name shows as someone recognizable. This is often used to imitate a company executive or...Continued
Microsoft Releases Microsoft Teams
Many of you may be familiar with other group chat software’s like Slack or Skype for business. Microsoft has released its own version called “Microsoft Teams”. Microsoft Teams is integrated with Office 365 and comes with most packages. It allows the users to be part of multiple teams or...Continued
Syscomm expands to Waterloo region
To begin the New Year in 2018 we will be expanding our offices to include a new branch location in the Greater Waterloo Region. The Syscomm Group grew tremendously in 2017 and will now be offering our services and expertise to businesses in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and beyond!...Continued
WiFi Security Flaw Discovered
A wireless security flaw has been discovered in most wireless network devices which affects the WPA2 protocol. When within range, it allows attackers to exploit this weakness and potentially read data that was previously assumed to be encrypted. This can lead to sensitive data being compromised in transit. Such...Continued
802.11ac Wi-Fi – Rethink Portability
Ever since the inception of wireless networking light and power users alike have always considered a wired connection the ultimate link for productivity. Despite being tied down to a certain location by wires it still made more sense in a user’s workflow because of the enormous speed advantage offered...Continued
Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 devices
Yesterday, Microsoft held their Windows 10 Devices event in New York City to showcase their upcoming lineup of hardware built from the ground up for Windows 10. Terry Myerson of Microsoft revealed that since its launch at the end of July, Windows 10 has already been installed on over...Continued
Office 2016
Microsoft’s Office 2016 is available Sept. 22
Beginning tomorrow, Microsoft will begin rolling out the latest version of it’s productivity suite, Office 2016. The latest edition of Office will bring many new features to the suite, including the ability to collaborate on documents in real time, sync files to OneDrive in the cloud, and more. Once of the most...Continued
OS X El Capitan – Coming This Fall
by | Apple
This fall Apple will be releasing a new iteration of OS X: El Capitan. As the name suggests, El Capitan will be an incremental upgrade from it’s predecessor, Yosemite, and will build on the features and design changes introduced with it. OS X El Capitan will be quite similar to Yosemite...Continued
Alert: New phishing scam aims to hijack your bank transfers
There is a new online threat which is targeting your online banking activity — hackers are attempting to hijack transactions and pocket the money themselves. IBM’s security division has identified this new malware, codenamed Dyre Wolf. As it is with other malware, the Dyre Wolf phishing scam first needs to infect a computer...Continued
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