Real-Time Monitoring

Syscomm’s technicians will monitor and maintain your network day and night

We proactively resolve IT issues to eliminate downtime

Have you ever had an IT problem that started small but resulted in productivity-draining downtime because it was overlooked? This situation is common to organizations that don't have proactive IT monitoring and maintenance. We have worked with many businesses that were suffering from wasted resources because of downtime caused by computer problems or malware intrusion.

Partnering with Syscomm protects you from these detriments. Our flat-fee Managed IT includes Real-Time Monitoring, which means our team of certified technicians are watching your IT infrastructure around the clock. If a malware infection or server overload occurs, we can get to the root of the problem before it causes damage. Your staff won't even know that an IT issue happened.

We use comprehensive tools including intrusion prevention systems, threat identification and elimination, and ongoing performance analysis to make sure your data, files, and apps remain safe, secure, and accessible. With these, any hardware and software glitches will be detected in real-time. Costly downtime will be a thing of the past and your infrastructure will be running at peak performance at all times.

Syscomm’s Real-Time Monitoring will:

  • Make sure all your software and systems are updated to the latest version
  • Detect potential issues and mitigate risks to prevent downtime
  • Let you take control of budgeting with affordable fixed rates
  • Work alongside your in-house IT department to free them from daily IT upkeep
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that a team of experts are looking after your technology

How do we reduce the need for repairs and replacements of your broken IT?

The answer is in proactively monitoring your files, software, and hardware. It’s time you say goodbye to break-and-fix technicians and hello to optimal technology.

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