Social Engineering Prevention

Extensive training to increase your team’s vigilance against hacking schemes

Empower your team to recognize unreliable senders

For social engineering schemes, hackers create legitimate-looking emails to spoof your team. They will masquerade as a boss, close friend, or relative, asking for charity donations, company credit card data, or other confidential information.

To prevent your team from falling victim, Syscomm has developed our Social Engineering Prevention program. We will train your team to be more mindful of the information they reveal online and to whom they respond. Together with your input, we will develop clear, concise security protocols to create a culture of accountability and due diligence.

Tips to avoid a Social Engineering scam:

  • If you receive a suspicious email, do your research by calling the sender themselves
  • Don’t download an attachment if you’re not expecting one from the sender or if you don’t personally know them
  • Keep in mind that foreign offers, including requests to transfer funds to another country, are suspicious
  • Delete any message that asks for your passwords, financial details, or other personal information
  • Set your spam filters to high, but occasionally check your spam folder for redirected emails from legitimate sources

Don’t let hackers mislead your team into revealing important company info.

Syscomm security experts will train them to easily spot the telltale signs.

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