Wireless LAN Site Survey

BUSINESS SITUATION SOLUTION END RESULT A post-secondary educational institution had implemented a site-wide, Cisco based wireless LAN network across several of their campus locations. Their IT department received numerous complaints from wireless clients experiencing issues…

Windows 10 – Microsoft is catering to enterprise

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft plans to allow IT professionals to buy applications in bulk from an app store, something Apple has offered for years.

But in Microsoft’s case, the IT departments will also be able to assign these apps to individual people through a username/password technology that many IT departments already use: Active Directory.

Windows 10 – Microsoft is going straight from Windows 8 to 10

Yesterday Microsoft showed off a preview of their upcoming operating system, Windows 10. That’s right, they’ve skipped Windows 9 and are going straight to Windows 10. According to Microsoft executive Terry Myerson “When you see the product in its fullness I think you will agree with us that it is a more appropriate name”.

Microsoft has envisioned an environment where one operating system is used across all devices, a platform that delivers a consistent experience no matter how you access it.