Hosted Anti Spam Services

Take your email protection to the cloud for more efficient filtering and lower maintenance costs

Hosted anti spam is the future of email protection – we help you enjoy this capability today

There are many reasons why business owners are moving away from on-premises anti spam software. Email admins often spend too much time configuring and maintaining anti spam solutions, updating black or white lists, searching for blocked emails, and more. Internet bandwidth also suffers when you quarantine spam on site.

Syscomm’s Hosted Anti Spam Services can provide relief in such scenarios. Our cloud-based spam filters take advantage of AI that learns about the latest campaigns as it filters messages sent and received around the world. Also, we host the quarantine storage so you save on bandwidth as spam is blocked before it even reaches your network.

Our Hosted Anti Spam Services give you:

  • Anti-virus and anti-phishing solutions
  • Increased bandwidth and storage space
  • Inbound and outbound email filtering
  • Email archiving to help with storage issues and ensure compliance
  • Self-service that allows users to release false positives, search for blocked messages, and more
  • Email continuity that provides backup access via a web browser in case the webmail system fails

How will Syscomm’s Hosted Anti Spam Services help you enjoy cost-efficiency?

By eliminating the need to purchase, install, maintain, and regularly update anti spam software.

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