Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business data is invaluable, so let us make sure yours is always backed up, secured, and accessible

Businesses in all industries must prioritize cloud-based data protection and ensure it’s retrievable quickly after a downtime event

What constitutes a downtime event? Anything that interrupts your users’ ability to log in and work on their computers, laptops, or smartphones. It can be caused by storm, flood, fire, physical break-in, or cyberhacker intrusion, and result in server failure or data loss. Since these sorts of interruptions cannot be predicted, you need to be vigilant at all times. You need to have a reliable, automated data backup scheme running 24/7 and a detailed recovery plan in place to help you get back online as quickly as possible after a disaster.

That is where Syscomm’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solution can help. Our cloud-based data redundancy strategy ensures backup and recovery failover. So not only do we back up your files and software to our data center, we also restore your cloud-based data and systems to a 'hot site' while we rebuild your on-premises IT environment after a disaster. This enterprise-level solution usually comes with an expensive price tag. But if you sign up with us, you enjoy its benefits at a subscription-based, SMB-friendly fee.

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery service provides the following advantages:

  • Local and cloud-based data backups
  • Freedom to choose public, private, or hybrid cloud systems
  • Regular testing to ensure integrity
  • Detailed procedures for restoring servers
  • Rapid data availability after disaster
  • Robust business continuity planning
  • Peace of mind knowing you have a solid risk management plan in place

How will Syscomm’s Backup & Disaster Recovery service help your business operate more profitably?

By saving your data automatically, archiving it systematically, and ensuring it can be accessed easily and immediately after a downtime event.

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