Wireless Site Surveys

We’ll make sure your wireless networks perform optimally

Say goodbye to signal interference and
other connectivity issues

Are there areas in your office where your Wi-Fi connection is weak or nonexistent? Are employees or customers complaining that they're unable to connect to the Wi-Fi although some can do so without problems? Do connections drop randomly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you are experiencing interference with your wireless networks.

Syscomm’s Wireless Site Surveys are the first step in making sure that your wireless networks are performing as they should. Also known as a radio frequency (RF) survey, this process will identify the quantity and location of access points to make sure that you get sufficient wireless coverage throughout your premises. We will also detect signal interference and implement filters so they don't disrupt your company's Wi-Fi network.

We have extensive experience conducting RF surveys and know exactly what aspects of a building or property interfere with signal strengths, whether it be areas with thick walls, areas with metals, or areas with temperature fluctuations. If you need signal enhancement systems, we offer customized solutions that take into account your property’s size and building layout to ensure seamless connectivity.

Syscomm’s Wireless Site Surveys are comprised of:

  • RF Health Audit – We diagnose outages, poor data throughput, interference, or connectivity problems
  • RF Coverage Mapping – We plan for both coverage and bandwidth
  • Post-Installation Survey – We ensure that you get the coverage, capacity, and flawless data throughput that you need
  • Outdoor Survey – We assess your external environment and design a reliable wireless network beyond the office

How dependable is your wireless network?

If you’re unsure about the quality of your Wi-Fi signals, it’s time to talk to one of Syscomm’s technicians so we can ensure your wireless infrastructure remains optimal.

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