Managed IT

Round-the-clock coverage for your entire IT infrastructure so you can focus on more important matters.

The four key features of Managed IT

Real-Time Monitoring

As the name implies, Managed IT means Syscomm’s technicians will monitor and maintain your network day and night.

24/7 Helpdesk

For those rare instances when a problem does arise, our team is on standby ready to fix them on both PC and Mac.

Routine Security Audits

Not only will we optimize your network defenses, we’ll conduct regular assessments to ensure they stay impenetrable.

Real-Time Intrusion Prevention

An optimized network defense scheme includes round-the-clock monitoring to detect and eliminate attacks in real time.

Automatic Updates

In addition to proactive maintenance and 24/7 tech support, your hardware will always run the latest, safest software.

Procurement Expertise

Opportunities to upgrade hardware and software will be identified, and we’ll ensure you purchase the right equipment.

The benefits include a boost in three important areas!

  • Productivity – No more internet interruptions, slow software, damaged data files, or costly computer viruses mean more efficient employees.
  • Security – Because your entire IT network will be monitored, intrusion detection tools and antivirus applications will be fully optimized.
  • Savings – Managed IT is all-inclusive, so no matter how much help we provide, you’ll pay a fixed, affordable monthly fee with no add-ons.

Not sure whether Managed IT will improve your business?

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