Phishing Simulations & Reporting

Realistic email tests to monitor your team’s response towards threats

Train your team to be your first line of defense

Most employees assume that an email sent by a trusted entity is legitimate, but that is not always the case. Nowadays, a hacker can easily create an authentic-looking email address to impersonate a sender and extract sensitive information from your team.

With the growing number of cyberattacks affecting businesses, your employees need to undergo our Phishing Simulations & Reporting program. Syscomm’s simulator deploys extensive realistic tests that allow us to precisely monitor your team’s responses. The findings will then help us develop training programs based on their needs.

Features & benefits of our Phishing Simulations & Reporting program:

  • Less fraudulent activity as your team becomes more vigilant
  • Defined security training metrics to target areas your team needs to focus on
  • Complete visibility into the effectiveness of each training program
  • Successful compliance, with a more detailed security policy
  • New employee training to ensure your business remains protected

Verizon reports that 95% of advanced and targeted attacks involve spear-phishing campaigns.

With Syscomm by your side, your team will be equipped with the competence and tools to protect your business.

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