Penetration Testing

Simulation of real-world cyberattacks to determine your level of security

Identify how hackers can exploit your systems

Most businesses assume that simply implementing cutting-edge security is enough. But if you neglect to correct the vulnerabilities you currently have in place, you won’t be 100% safe. That is why more and more businesses have realized the value of pen tests.

A pen test is a staged cyberattack conducted by Syscomm’s team of ethical hackers. Our trained engineers will scour your systems, finding weaknesses and potential entry points to exploit. We then use the findings to get to know your infrastructure, identify its needs, and develop mitigation methods best suited for your business.

Syscomm conducts these types of pen tests:

  • Internal or external penetration testing
  • Web application testing
  • Physical penetration or flag-based testing
  • Single- or three-phase testing
  • Threat intelligence reporting

Is your IT infrastructure secure enough to withstand every type of hacking scheme?

Syscomm experts will proactively identify and resolve security gaps to make sure your systems remain impenetrable.

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