Security Awareness Training

Comprehensive programs that teach your team to be more vigilant online

Increase your defenses with employee awareness

Cybercriminals know that most businesses have upped their cyberdefenses, so they have shifted their focus to employees who lack cybersecurity knowledge. And that’s exactly what Syscomm counters with our Security Awareness & Training program.

Hacking schemes have become more sophisticated so your employees must undergo routine training to quickly spot malicious websites, emails, and attachments. We will educate them on cybersecurity best practices to ensure hackers can't take advantage of them.

Our Security Awareness & Training program gets you:

  • A comprehensive security policy based on our guidance and expertise
  • Unlimited use of our content library with 500+ resources
  • Customizable and pre-made phishing templates
  • New smart groups to develop phishing campaigns, training assignments, and remedial learning materials
  • Simulated files to attach during practice tests, available in Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint formats

Empower your team to recognize unreliable senders with our tips to avoid a social engineering scam:

  • If you receive a suspicious email, do your research by calling the sender themselves
  • Don’t download an attachment if you’re not expecting one from the sender or if you don’t personally know them
  • Keep in mind that foreign offers, including requests to transfer funds to another country, are suspicious
  • Delete any message that asks for your passwords, financial details, or other personal information
  • Be wary of links in messages, especially if they are attempting to direct you to a file download you are not expecting

Your staff may be your greatest asset, but their lack of cybersecurity knowledge could be your ultimate liability.

Let Syscomm equip your team with a solid foundation of cybersecurity discernment.

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