Network Infrastructure Design

We optimize and maintain your network infrastructure without breaking the bank

Whether it’s WAN or LAN, count on us to boost your network and
system performance

Designing an effective network infrastructure requires in-depth expertise. You need to keep up with the latest advancements in servers, storage, and network systems in order to find the right solutions that will fit your needs and budget. The problem is most small businesses don’t have internal resources to plan, deploy, and support their network infrastructure.

That is where Syscomm’s Network Infrastructure Design service can help. We remove the complexity of building and managing your network infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business. Our team of certified technicians will ensure your network is always available, liaise with third-party vendors, and implement security strategies so your systems are protected from cyberthreats.

We start by conducting a detailed assessment of your network’s performance. Then, our technicians use analysis tools to measure your current network bandwidth in order to optimize it for maximum speed. And when it comes to your network’s security, we deploy advanced solutions such as intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, and monitoring systems to keep files and apps safe 24/7. From network wiring and cabling to customization, setup, and support, we have you covered.

Syscomm’s Network Infrastructure Design service will:

  • Assess and select the latest products and technologies cost-efficiently
  • Determine product viability that extends past manufacturer’s end of sale period
  • Identify network weaknesses and remediate them
  • Integrate cloud computing and SaaS capabilities when needed

What are the consequences of poorly designed networks?

Talk to our technicians and they will present case studies of our clients with inefficient networks and how we optimized them.

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