Email Security

Robust defenses against malware attachments, spam, identity theft, and more

Ensure the confidentiality of your mission-critical data

Email is integral to your day-to-day processes. And since this is where you exchange sensitive data with clients, hackers consider it a goldmine. Syscomm will make sure everything stays confidential by eliminating threats, such as phishing scams and spam messages.

Our Email Security solution will scan your inboxes for suspicious messages and attachments. This includes dubious emails trying to convince your employees to reveal mission-critical information. What’s more, our automated program also quarantines emails with malware attachments.

Features of our Email Security solution include:

  • Sent message testing to spot potential security breaches
  • Enterprise-class firewalls to block unauthorized network access
  • Email encryption to prevent hackers from decoding your messages
  • Spam filtering tools to eliminate annoying messages from your inbox
  • Automated quarantines to detect and remove email with harmful content

Are you certain that unauthorized users can’t access your inbox?

Syscomm will implement intrusion detection tools to protect your email systems against hacking attempts.

Let Us Show You How

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Phishing Detections



Phishing Simulations & Reporting

Realistic email tests to monitor your team’s responses towards threats.

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Social Engineering Prevention

Extensive training to increase your team’s vigilance against hacking schemes.

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Penetration Testing

Simulation of real-world cyberattacks to determine your level of security.

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