Easy fixes to your Wi-Fi issues

From answering emails and using online productivity suites to browsing Facebook and streaming YouTube videos, a fast and reliable internet connection is a must. But what do you do when there are connectivity and speed issues? Here are some solutions to five of the most common Wi-Fi worries. Range constraints Wi-Fi works via radio waves […]

Why you should care about HTTPS

One basic internet security habit that everyone should remember is to avoid websites that aren’t secured with the HTTPS protocol. This is as simple as looking at your URL bar to check whether the URL string starts with “https” and whether there is a symbol of a closed padlock beside it. HTTPS Encryption When you […]

Disaster recovery audit fail: A few lessons

In talking about disaster recovery plans (DPR), it’s best to illustrate with real-world scenarios to help you understand things better. They offer concrete examples of successes and failures, and you can learn a lot from them. Here’s an example of a DPR audit and the lessons it offers. Hosting certain types of data and managing […]

Understanding Office collaboration tools

Office 365 is so chock-full of apps, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of them all. Sure, you have the most popular tools like Word and Skype for Business, but there are three tools in the lineup that seem like they could be used the same way: Outlook Groups, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams. Read on […]

A closer look at fileless malware

To avoid detection by antimalware programs, cybercriminals are increasingly abusing legitimate software tools and legitimate programs in systems to steal data or ruin its integrity. They use fileless malware to infiltrate trusted applications and issue executables that blend in with normal network traffic or IT/system administration tasks while leaving fewer footprints. Ultimately, your business could […]

Office 2019 is now available

As of last week Microsoft has announced the release of it’s latest productivity suite, Office 2019. Currently the new edition of Office is only available in commercial markets, however it will be landing for consumers and Office 365 subscribers within the next several weeks.

How to Identify Spoofing/Phishing Emails

Check the email address, not display name

A common technique used in phishing or to spoof real email is display name imitation. A malicious sender will create or modify their account so the display name shows as someone recognizable. This is often used to imitate a company executive or financial controller, obtained by social engineering a company website, LinkedIn page or otherwise.

Microsoft Releases Microsoft Teams

Many of you may be familiar with other group chat software’s like Slack or Skype for business. Microsoft has released its own version called “Microsoft Teams”. Microsoft Teams is integrated with Office 365 and comes with most packages. It allows the users to be part of multiple teams or different groups where the chat is backed up.

Syscomm expands to Waterloo region

To begin the New Year in 2018 we will be expanding our offices to include a new branch location in the Greater Waterloo Region. The Syscomm Group grew tremendously in 2017 and will now be offering our services and expertise to businesses in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo and beyond!

Our new branch office is located at:
240 Holiday Inn Drive, Unit T
Cambridge, Ontario  N3C 3X4

If you are a business owner or manager in the area and would like to get in touch with us please give us a call at 416-463-8118 or send us an email to sales@syscomm.