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Your business data is invaluable – more so than ever before. The rate at which companies are creating information far exceeds that of any point in history. Corporations must ensure that their data is protected from external risks such as natural disasters or hackers. Due to these evolving requirements businesses need assistance in creating a business continuity plan to ensure their private data is readily recoverable.

Businesses need to consider protecting and recovering data from all aspects, especially as the popularity of tablets and smartphones grows. Implement a complete business continuity plan. You may have a backup solution in place, but is your current solution effective enough to quickly return your business to an operational state after disaster? Disk or tape based solutions work well but leave you exposed in the event of a fire, flood, theft, etc. A solution is required that will enable your business to quickly recover in the event of disruption. A complete backup solution is worthless without an effective recovery plan.

Disasters which lead to data loss simply cannot be anticipated. All companies are vulnerable to some form of disruption, whether from hardware failure, human error, theft or natural disaster. These factors are beyond your control. The lack of a business continuity plan doesn’t only mean data loss, it’s the implications that result from that data loss which are truly detrimental. What would it cost you if you lost all your data? In order for your company to be prepared for disaster, consult with the experts at Syscomm.

With a Disaster Recovery plan from The Syscomm Group you will receive professional grade redundancy for all of your company information. By storing backup copies of your company’s valuable information in a secure, off-site location you add another layer of protection for your business.

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