Microsoft Releases Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Releases Microsoft Teams

Many of you may be familiar with other group chat software’s like Slack or Skype for business. Microsoft has released its own version called “Microsoft Teams”. Microsoft Teams is integrated with Office 365 and comes with most packages. It allows the users to be part of multiple teams or different groups where the chat is backed up. No more “I missed your last message” or “What was your last message” you can just review and look at the chat history.

Microsoft Team works hand-in-hand with Skype for Business. You can message and call users with Teams who are using Skype for Business. Making it an easy addition to add as not everyone has to use it. With Microsoft Teams you can have HD Skype video meetings, VoIP and dial in conferencing. With Teams you are able to share your screens as well as documents between your teams. Not only that, you can create and edit Microsoft documents right in the app, allowing for easy collaboration and group discussion.

This is just another reason why companies should move towards Office 365, Microsoft is constantly updating and adding new software and features to its Office 365 packages. With its intuitive and user-friendly design Microsoft Teams looks to be the future of business group chat solutions.

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