Colocation Virtualization

Colocation Virtualization



A healthcare professional organization with confidential medical records was moving into a new office space and wanted to ensure that their data was stored with the highest level of security. High availability is extremely important for them so it was paramount to develop a solution which offered near 100% service uptime. Their current infrastructure consisted of several servers and consolidation of hardware and services was considered advantageous if possible.


The Syscomm Group completed an audit of their current server and workstation infrastructure and provided recommendations based on their requirements and goals for consolidation. We designed a solution which moved their server infrastructure into a colocation datacenter to provide the highest level of uptime and availability.

Existing physical servers were converted and virtualized on a single physical host server. Additionally, a workstation which contains database administration was virtualized onto the host server as well since the hardware was end-of-life. A secure VPN tunnel was established between their new head office and the datacenter to allow for seamless access to files for both local and remote users.


The end result is that the client now has instant access to their data regardless of whether they are working in the office, working remotely, or travelling abroad. With the colocation service in the datacenter they now have access to their files over a very fast fibre connection instead of a slow DSL connection. Since transitioning to the new server implementation remote users have reported a substantial improvement in the speed and reliability of their day-to-day activities, while the change is transparent to local users. The client is very pleased with their colocation solution and how it has met and exceeded their expectations.

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