Highly Available Centralized Computing

Highly Available Centralized Computing


Business Situation:
An international wholesale distribution required a computing environment to migrate to a new ERP system. This system would be required to run the ERP system and provide access to their corporate and branch office employees. The client required the system to be responsive under load and highly redundant.

The Syscomm Group partnered with Dell to implement a blade server system running VMware ESXi. A high-performance SAN was installed with 10GBe networking and solid state drives to deliver high throughput. Combined with the powerful hardware and VMware vCenter the system is highly redundant, as well as capable of supporting and expanding upon their workload requirements. Redundant SonicWall security appliances and Dell layer-3 switches were configured to enable failover resiliency. Secure VPN to branch locations was established via MPLS IPVPN to ensure speed, security and reliability. Microsoft SQL Server was used for the backend with a Remote Desktop Services cluster to allow client access to the system.

End Result:
After implementation the client is very pleased with the outcome. Their system facilitates the workload requirements with ease and affords them the room for future expandability as they grow. With high availability features throughout the network and infrastructure chain the system has met and exceeded their expectations.

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