Multi-Building Virtual Network Routing

Multi-Building Virtual Network Routing


Business Situation:
A property developer has begun restoration on a prominent downtown building. In doing so they desired to implement a building automation system. All building systems were to be segregated for security and auditing purposes

The Syscomm Group implemented a core switch with the requested information provided by the partner. This included port assignment and VLANs. Completed port assignment on each floor switch as per request and worked alongside our partner and vendors to complete any troubleshooting required. Completed work with remote destination contractor to bring up an Ether-Channel group between the buildings to allow traffic to traverse back to the destination building router.

A further request was made that each VLAN have a VRF for network segregation and auditing. We implemented the VRFs for the requested VLANs. Syscomm tested with the destination vendor and confirmed specifications were met. Additional switches were added to each floor to create a stack and LACP port channel back to the core switch. This was done to create redundancy as there are two fibre runs per LAN room.

End Result:
The Syscomm Group configured and implemented the entirety of the building with Cisco switches, provisioned them with redundancy and security for future auditing. Since implementation, the customer has reported that all devices are reporting correctly from the building and they are satisfied with the implementation and control has been handed over to the internal IT team.

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