Redundant vCenter Cluster Migration

Redundant vCenter Cluster Migration


Business Situation:
A downtown pharmaceutical company had existing server infrastructure consisting of several VMware ESXi hosts. All virtual machines were located on direct-attached storage.

The client wanted the ability to move virtual machines between hosts easily using VMware vMotion, along with greater storage redundancy.

The Syscomm Group has implemented a Storage Area Network in the environment as well as 10GBe Ethernet network cards on each host. Additionally, the SAN was connected to redundant 10GBe switches and configured on a new private network. ESXi hosts were consolidated into a vCenter cluster for centralized management and high availability. All virtual machines were migrated into the new cluster.

End Result:
In the end the client has been very happy with the infrastructure upgrade. It gave them the ability to move virtual machines between hosts as well as the flexibility to complete required maintenance without downtime. They also appreciate the option to configure virtual machines to be highly available.

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